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OK, so I was reading Piercing The Darkness… it’s the second book of 2 (the first is This Present Darkness). And my mum, noticing that I was reading for once in my life, took the opportunity to go get the first book for me. OK, fine. I’d also mentioned to her that I wanted Rob to read the book, because I knew he’d like it as much as I do. Nothing weird there. So Mum went to the bookshop to find the first book, but could only get the two books in one volume (but still cheap). Nothing strange (or particularly significant) there. So she got back and told me that she could only get the two together and said “It can be an Easter present to you and Rob”. Fine.

So I came online a while back and told Rob that I’d just finished a book he should read. He asked the title. I told him. Turns out that he started reading it yesterday from his parents’ copy! So he’s halfway through it already! How bizarre… and in the context of what the book’s about, with angels organising coincidences to bring about their plan… we wonder what’s going on! So now we can both read the first one as well!

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