Nu’un much

Yeah, not been up to much since I’ve been back. After having mentioned all the books I had on the go last time – I actually left them all downstairs one night (the alarm was set, so I couldn’t get them without waking up the ‘rentals) and then I spotted a book that my mum had said she was about to lend to someone… I figured I’d just pick it up and have a quick read of the start… about 3 hours later and 10 chapters in, I finally put down Piercing The Darkness by Frank Peretti. What a gripping read it is – a novel all about the spiritual battle that is going on but that we can’t see. Angels, demons, psychics, Christians, satanists, witches, murder and lots more – very interesting read!

Erm, so that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing since then – reading it! I finished it earlier today – never lost interest in it. Don’t think I’ve ever read a book quite so quickly – at least not a 550 page one šŸ™‚

Well, I must have done something else, mustn’t I? Well… Saturday night some friends of my parents came over for dinner and we had a great night of chatting and ended up putting the education system to rights… next time maybe we’ll tackle the health system šŸ˜€

Then yesterday I went to church in the morning with Mum & Dad – nice to see all the people from church again, and nice for them to see me, I’m sure! Then, after lunch, watched the football – not a great match, but certainly fast-paced and a shame about the goal really, but Arsenal did deserve to win… oh well, Sheff Utd did themselves proud. Then it was off to my uncle and aunt’s house in Wendover for tea and to pick up my gran to bring her over here for Easter. Lots of food was supplied, which was nice.

Back home to watch some TV and chat to Grandma. Then later on, I watched The Thomas Crown Affair that I’d recorded earlier in the day. WOW! What an awesome film. “But,” I hear someone say “don’t you have that on DVD, so you knew that already?”. No – this was the original, 1968, version with Steve McQueen in it. It’s great! They obviously made the remake sufficiently different that they can both be good films in their own right, whilst maintaining some of the style and the story line… a little like all the James Bond films I guess – same basic story line, same style, slightly different setting šŸ™‚

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