Home with Mum & Dad

Drove home from Nottingham yesterday, dropping Rob off on the way. Wasn’t a great journey really – 4 hours in total, but the last bit took less time than I expected – rush hour wasn’t that bad. Oh yeah Rob – if you read this – I got home OK 🙂

Anyway, I got home to an empty house, so immediately (ish) started fixing my parents’ computer problems (not having both computers online through their newly-installed ADSL line being the main one). Took me ages to figure out, but finally tried another random bit of proxy software and now it’s working. In fact, I’m now using my mum’s computer to write this, going through said proxy.

So last night, once I’d sorted that, we had dinner in front of the football – Celtic blatantly deserved to win that, but didn’t make the most of their chances. Then, as usual, we ended up chatting for hours into the night about stuff – always fun that 🙂 Then it was bed for them and back to the computers for me (lots of updates etc to install), whilst reading one of the many books I have on the go – Bondage Breaker by Neil T Anderson. It’s good, and overlaps in places with Victory Over The Darkness, which I read before Christmas. Such and encouraging writer!

Anyway, today I surfaced about midday, had some lunch, watched some news and did a little more reading, including a chapter of Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster which a fellow Connect worker had given me as a hint. Finding it less prescriptive this time reading through, but still some of it seems a little too structured – maybe I can just see the good side of that now.

I was falling asleep reading, so I came up here to fiddle online… so here I am fiddling.

I reckon you’ll get lots of updates to this since no-one is around at the moment, so I’m likely to be bored… hoping that will make me read a lot (2 other books on the go as well as the ones mentioned here), but we shall see..

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