Yes, Nottingham Trent Uni love me! They’ve accepted me to study for a PGCE in ICT there! I got the letter this morning, and nervously opened it with Rob watching closely – was very happy when I realised it was a letter of acceptance. I was one of the 20 people out of 250 that get accepted – COOL!

So that means I start in September studying to be a teacher! Scaaaary!

Also we exchange contracts on the house tomorrow, but complete on 9th May.
Also there’s been an offer on my Gran’s old flat, so that eases the finance side of things.
Also almost finished the drawings for the extension, so should be able to get the application in fairly soon – if not tomorrow, then Monday.

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7 thoughts on “THEY LOVE ME!”

  1. Nice one dude – looks like everything is sorted. And at nearly 24 you’ll be able to go back to school just like me 😉
    See you soon. Oli.

  2. Oi, how am I supposed to keep up with what you’re doing when you never write anything on your diary – humpf!

    Oh no, I’m starting to sound like Mum! xx

  3. Well, I had the same problem you did with adding entries – as you can see I updated it before you wrote that comment, but it didn’t appear – still haven’t figured out why 🙁


  4. Odd… seems like if I add a comment it makes the entries appear… but the archives don’t create… all so odd…

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