No, not a load of links to websites, but interesting links to people…

It turns out that Nathan lives with someone who went to Judd (my secondary school) and was in the year above me there – Adrian Aldridge for those of you who might be interested. Weird thing is that I didn’t just meet him – I’ve known him most of this year, but it took til now to have the “Where are you from?” conversation. Now I look back, I think he did look familiar when I first met him, but I assumed that was because I’d seen him around at church… maybe not. of course he knows James Rankine who got married in my parents’ church and whose parents lived next door to Owen Withey, who was in my year at Judd. It’s all a small small world I tells ya.

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  1. No, it was James Rankine’s sister who was married in our church, I think. He was married soemwhere up near Nottingham, wasn’t he?

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