The interview

Well, I’ve been back from my interview for a while now… it went pretty well. The format was like this:

  • 20 mins of the course co-ordinator talking to us & giving an outline of the course.
  • 10 mins of a very basic english test (write a diary entry!)
  • 10 mins of individual interview

The individual bit was, predictably, the hardest part of that. Although it still went pretty well. Questions were:

  • Why do you want to teach? (not a surprise that one!)
  • Have you thought about the financial implications of living off £6,000 for the year (this year has been a taster!)
  • If you were teaching GCSE students about computer security, how would you go about it? (quick thinking required!)
  • If you were teaching 12-year olds about databases, what are the main things that you need to communicate to them? (more quick thinking)
  • As you’ve been thinking about teaching for a while, what have you noticed in the media that stands out (yay, had revised that one!)

So I coped ok. Scary thing is that 250 people apply and only 20 get in – eeek! I’ll be fine I’m sure.

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2 thoughts on “The interview”

  1. I’m curious. How would you teach GCSE students about computer security? BTW did you see Microsoft are now teaching a computer security module at Leeds…(i think).

    (Doing lots of compiling today, so lots of time to post!)

  2. I said that I’d draw an anlogy to make it more interesting. Like the virus analogy with the body, relating that to computers. Or security like you need in a castle and draw more parallels. I’m good at analogies (I think)

    Nope, didn’t know MS were teaching that at Leeds. Is it a “how not to be secure” type thing to make them learn security? hehe

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