WOW! This site has past it’s first birthday! 365 days, 218 articles and 169 comments later, and it’s still going fairly strong!
Looks like the first entry was on the 22nd March 2002… although I suspect that it was actually the 27th of March that it started.

Just looking back, and interestingly this entry talks about a day last year that has certainly happened already this year… so maybe it’s working its way earlier – that’d be nice! There is, however, some debate over when it happened this year… Simon claims it was yesterday, however I think it happened about a week ago. Maybe it’s different in different regions of the UK?

Oh, and I have my PGCE interview at Nottingham Trent University tomorrow… so thoughts & prayers appreciated from 12.25 for a couple of hours! Will be a couple of weeks before I know the result.

Author: Alex

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4 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!”

  1. Sorry, 11 hours notice wasn’t enough, have only just checked you blog! Hummm, actually, God’s outside time, so maybe I can pray now for something which has alread…….d’oh! my brain has crashed!…..

  2. Well the interview went ok, now is the chance to pray for the people deciding if I should be one of the 20 out of 250 that get in!

  3. Nope, don’t have that domain. Last time I checked it was almost impossible to reigster a .es domain, maybe time to try again. Might try now!

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