Whinge whinge whinge!

Mums! Who’d have them eh?! All she does is nag nag nag… and guess what? I don’t even live there any more. Heehee. Thanks for making me feel wanted once more mum, and prompting me to write this entry. It won’t be a long one, since I’m off out in about 10 minutes to go see my friend Andre in hall for a couple of hours.

Anyway, what’s been going on in the past week or so? Oh, I’m meant to tell YOU that aren’t I? Hmmm, let’s have a look at the diary… just the highlights…

Saturday 8th there was a lecture by Graham Cray (Bishop of Maidstone) on the topic of worship. Very good talk, although the speaker had some odd mannerisms, but they were easy to get over… Content was spot on and has renewed, and in places changed, my understanding of worship. Top class.

Tuesday 11th, after my worst night of sleep I can remember (6 hours in bed, 2.5 hours’ sleep) I got up and had breakfast with Sam and Chloë, and we prepared for them to lead the Navs group that night. Had a good time, but was rather on the tired side once I got back home, via town to pick up some house plans. They led the group very well, although I was slightly disappointed that there were only 5 of us there and the other two hadn’t looked through the stuff, so it was a bit odd. However, good discussions came out of it and was generally very positive.

Wednesday 12th in the evening we went out to celebrate Debbie’s birthday. We went and had a curry (each) at Savera Tandoori on Derby Road. Nice small place and good food. Was nice to meet some of Debbie’s mates from hall again. After, we went across to The Rose and Crown for a few drinks. Very fun evening all in all…

Thursday 13th I went to see a friend from church in a play called “The Deception”. Odd concept – 4 children (2 girls, 2 boys) locked away individually until they’re 18, with only contact with their nannies – supposedly to see which sex is more likely to betray the other. Anyway, it was interesting, but stopped a little short I felt. Anyway Emily (the friend) did her 4 (yes 4!) lines very well, and we went for a drink afterwards in The Ark before getting a lift home.

Friday 14th was pub crawl night for me and Jay. Hadn’t seen him in ages, so we decided to make a good night of it! Started in Southwell Bar (ahh, memories), then went via Rose and Crown, Three Wheatsheaves, Bag O’ Nails and Dog and Topper before joining some other housemates and Simon (Huggins) at The Grove. A good night, but it certainly wore me out!

Sunday 16th – forgot I was on media team in the morning, so stayed up late (4am) and then realised… got up just after 8.30am… wasn’t too bad, but was a little dozy in church in the evening. However God turned up to both services, but more noticably to the evening one… not that he doesn’t always, just it was a little more evident this week than it is some. COOL!

Today, not done too much, just done officey things. Now off to Andre, then out this evening with After Alpha people for a meal and some drinks.

There you go Mum – happy now? You’ve made me late! (only by 3 mins!)

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4 thoughts on “Whinge whinge whinge!”

  1. Thankyou. There seems to be a great deal of eating and drinking in your life.

    Good on yer!

    Glad God made it to your services, cos he was at ours as well, both morning (Bob Street) and evening (Dad). He gets around a bit doesn’t he? Isn’t it good that he turns up even when we’re not quite there.

    Yeah, Graham Cray is meant to be a good guy, but I haven’t witnessed his mannerisms. Was he not around when you did the EA roadshow in Maidstone?


  2. Interesting to refer to God as “gets around a bit”. But hey, I guess it’s true!

    As for Graham Cray, before taking up the post in Maidstone, he went to my church (well, not ‘my’ church, but you know what I mean) in Cambridge. Small world hey!

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