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It was the Southwell Hall Returners’ Formal Dinner last night. It was a record turn out for any Southwell Hall Formal ever – 274 people for the meal! The food was quite good, thick minestrone for starter, corn-fed chicken with potato burger thing and sauce finishing off with sticky toffee pudding. It was good, but even for me there wasn’t a lot of it. The wine I had with the meal was GORGEOUS! It was one of the ones I brought back from France when I sailed over in the summer… a nice red – a mix of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon… very nice, and very easy to drink!

Then we went to Bar Thé for the after party. It is a really nice bar, and a lot bigger than it looks on the outside. Only problem was that there was nowhere to dance, which I’d have liked – to expend some energy! I got back home without dancing and I was very energetic, so I found it hard to get to sleep.

Instead of sleeping I watched the Grand Prix friday qualifying from Melbourne… interesting new rules they’ve brought in this year. Will be watching a little to see if they manage to make it less dull than last year – I got so bored of it…

Anyway, need to do some work on my Connect study for today… going to Leicester again… this could be fun returning at 5 on a Friday! erk…

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  1. Well, I spose you spent some time getting Katie’s diary going, but what ELSE have you been doing since 7 March? The world needs to know.

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