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Well, the news from today is that Nottingham Trent Uni are going to have me in for an interview for doing a PGCE… which is good news. Not sure when yet though – will keep you posted.

Yesterday’s news was that an aiport in the Philippines was bombed and 19 people were killed. You may wonder why that is significant, but it’s because that’s where I want to go with Navs on my summer programme as part of my year out…

The weekend’s new was that Heather came up to visit me! I met Heather when I went back to work with Viz-A-Viz a year after I finished with them, just as she was starting working for them… and we’ve been friends ever since. We had a fantastic time (or at least I did, hope she did too!).
We went to the pub on Friday, then sat up & chatted.
Saturday, we slept, went out for lunch at the American/Polish Diner up the road, went to see Daredevil, went to the The Three Wheatsheaves for dinner, then out to Media with KT as well. Me and my two girlies :D…
Sunday we went to church, had toasties for lunch, watched the football and cricket, followed by Star Trek and Simpsons… and about 6pm, Heather finally managed to tear herself away from us!

Anyway, was a great weekend, shame it was a 4 hour drive both ways for Heather, but I think it was worth it!

Off to play footy now…

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  1. Wow, a mention in the famous x3ja B.Sc. (Hons) log! I’m quite misty with pride. I did have a fantastic time thanks and the (incredibly) long journey was worth it :o)

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