What a night!

Well, the night started well at Vineyard, where we had a prayer and worship thing, which was really good, and I even shared some thoughts with all 300 people there (scary!).

Then I left with Katie, Sarah and another girl… I should know her name… but I don’t. We went to Lloyds in town and met Emily G (whose birthday it was) and another bunch of girls, including Mary, Hannah and Kaz, amongst others. Then Emily C turned up with a friend called Jenny. Spotting a theme here? Me. about 12 girls. No other blokes. Hehe.

So we hung out in Lloyds for a while, and then we headed to Bluu. At this point Emily C and Jenny left 🙁 – lightweights – something to do with having to get up at 6.30am or something! Bluu was cool, and I bumped into Lydia in there (another girl!). Good level of music, nice comfy seats. Chatted to Sarah and Hannah mainly.

Then it was off to Lizard Lounge. A couple more girls left at this point, leaving just 5 of us going in… Emily G, Mary, Hannah, another girl (name? doh!) and my good self. We sat downstairs for a bit, but the music was a bit loud, so we went upstairs to dance instead. Spent a couple of hours dancing up there, having a real laff! Hannah was approached by two different men – one was the “I’m a great dancer, love me” type, and had the funniest looks on his face whilst dancing. The other was “I’m old and letcherous, come sit on my lap little girl” and was being a little out-of-order, so I swapped places with Hannah to put him of (fortunately it worked, not like that time in Market Bar…)

Anyway, once we’d thoroughly danced ourselves out, we headed home (cramming 5 of us in a 4-seater taxi!), dropped Hannah and other girl off jsut as police car went past – lucky we weren’t spotted. Then Emily G, Mary and me went to watch Bargain Hunt at Emily’s house. OK, sounds odd, but it was on video! Hrm, sounds odder – it was on video because Emily’s brother was on it! So we half watched that and half chatted (whilst I massaged their painful, high-heel-wearing feet – I knew having practised that on Mum would come in useful one day!).

Then Mary and I left just after 2.30, and now I’m back here.

What a great night, thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, catching up with people I hadn’t seen for a while and having a good dance. Really should do that more often!

Anyway, best go to bed now, since I have lots to do tomorrow before Heather comes up for the weekend about 7ish… including meetings from 12 to 4…

Night all from a happy man 😀

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2 thoughts on “What a night!”

  1. What happened at Market Bar? I must have missed that episode in your diary! xx

  2. I went to to The Market Bar ages ago (over a year I think so it wouldn’t have got in the diary) with a couple of girls I know from Navs. There was a really drunk guy there, who was falling all over the place and he was right behind the girls I was with, so I swapped places with them (you know, doing the manly thing :o). Then suddenly he fell on me from behind, throwing his arms around my neck… as you can imagine, I was a little shocked (apparently my face was quite a picture). Once I wrestled him off once, he then did it again! Was not pleased in the slightest!

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