Feeder were AWESOME!
Here’s the list of songs I can remember them doing (in alphabetical order)…

  • Buck Rogers
  • Child In You
  • Come Back Around
  • Comfort In Sound
  • Godzilla
  • High
  • Just A Day
  • Just The Way I’m Feeling
  • Love Pollution
  • My Perfect Day
  • Seven Days In The Sun
  • Tell All Your Friends
  • Turn
  • We Can’t Rewind

Blown away I was!
They did about 3/4 of those songs in one go, then took a break (during which we chanted “Feeder! Feeder! Feeder!” lots 🙂 and came back and did the remainder. Ending on, of course, the one and only Just A Day. What an end! The place went mad (and so did I).

Anyway, my legs are now very worn out since they have played football for 2 hours, walked for 40 mins and stood for 3 hours today, so they need rest. Also got to get up at reasonable time tomorrow, so I can get all the stuff done I need to before various meetings.

Night all

Author: Alex

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