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Ah, a nice title to remind us of Simon, who alas is no longer with us… in this house πŸ™‚

Anyway, yeah the weekend was really good – got me all excited about small groups again. Had a top class small group whilst I was there, which made the whole thing even better. Gave me some ideas to come back with to the small groups I’m involved in here. Cool.

Err since then…

Went to church Sunday evening, which was really good to start with, but then I got really tired really quickly. Realised at 9.50 that the new series of 24 started at 10 on BBC2, but decided to hang around to give Rob a lift back (and to be sociable, but I like blaming him for stuff). He didn’t want a lift back it turned out. So when I got back, I looked up when it was on next. Looked on the Radio Times website which said it was also on at 10.50 on BBC3 (p.k.a. BBC Choice), but by this time it was 11.00, but figured 10 mins would make that much difference. So we missed the start and didn’t really pick up the story line that well. Turned out that we were watching the SECOND episode… the Radio Times hadn’t made that very clear. Anyway, we watched it to the end… just need to see the first one and second one again now!

Erm, Monday night went to see The Truman Show at the cinema! Yes, out of date, but it was run by the CU as part of their week of events entitled “Two Ways To Live”. Vaughan Roberts is their main speaker, and he gave a short talk at the end of the film, which was pretty solid.

Last night went to the pub with some of my Navs group, had very nice “Hickory Chicken with Bacon and Cheese” – yum yum! Although didn’t really concentrate much on enjoying it, rather talking to people πŸ™‚

Today, given people a lift to the station (after having given Melissa a diary here). Footy this arvo and church small group this evening – it’s a social again, so I might turn up. Hehe.

See y’all later

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