Good news, bad news

Good news is that the house seems to be going through fine.

Bad news is that I’m ill and I demand some sympathy. Gifts of food no good, since that seems to be the source of the problem. However frozen food, or suchlike would be ok. But I’d far prefer computer parts… 😀

Anyway, I think it was something I ate last night (I blame Rob’s dodgy cooking, although he seems fine). Had a terrible night’s sleep, and went off to a Crossfire meeting this morning. Thought I was just tired and stuff, so I wasn’t 100% for the meeting (which is odd for me, normally I wake up for being around people). Anyway, I decided since I felt so tired that I’d not go down to see Liz who is back for a few days, which was gutting since I was really looking forward to it. But in the end it turned out to be the right decision.

I was driving back (1h30m drive) and was really tired, so I decided to pull over and catch 40 winks. Fortunately I had my sleeping bag in the car, so I could keep warm enough without the engine on. I kinda dozed for about 30 mins I think, although at this point my timings go a little hazy.

I’m not sure, but this next bit might be the single most scary thing to happen to me ever… if you’re squeamish or you’ll worry about me, don’t Read More.

For those of you not heading to Read More, I am ill, that’s about it.

As I set off after having had a nap, I suddenly became aware that I was going to be sick, so I pulled over at the side of the road, down a little dirt track thing. Got out of the car, went a bit down a bank, threw up and promptly passed out.

I came round what I think was about 5 mins later (lying in a dark ditch by a mud track off the A52) and was completely disorientated. I though I was still driving, and I couldn’t focus on the road. I tried standing so was stumbling around making odd “urrr” noises. My sight came back into focus after a few seconds, but that was enough to completely freak me out – never felt that scared as far as I can remember. Unfortunately, whilst unconscious, we’re not so good at keeping from puking on ourselves, so I had my t-shirt and jacket covered in it. However, I do distinctly remember making sure I was lying across the slope as I passed out, so that I wouldn’t choke on my own sick – quite impressed with that!

Again fortunately I had my rucksack with a change of clothes in it, so I swapped into a clean t-shirt. I was completely freaked out by the whole thing, (it gets less scary form now on) so I decided to get to the next garage and buy some water to rinse my mouth out.

Got there and it’s the tiniest garage you’ve ever seen with like 10 products in stock – and guess what? No water, just fancy “peach water” and “blackberry water” – not what I wanted I thought. So I explained what had happened and they went to fill a bottle from the tap for me. It was at this point that I realised I should ring someone, so they knew what was going on, in case something bad happened as I was driving… so I phoned Super Rob! He rang me every fifteen minutes on the way back to check I was ok. On the way back I had 2 sleep stops and one feared sick-stop… took me a little over 3 hours to get back for a 1h30m journey!

Anyway, I’ve got back safely, have succeeded in completely emtying my stomach once more (despite only having drunk 200ml of water since the first time) and have watched Josie and the Pussycats – actually a very fun film that completely takes the piss out of itself 🙂

Now I shall doze in bed I think… sympathy gifts & to the usual address…

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  1. Ok….. that is really rather freaky! Although why the heck did you continue driving??? And by the way, I have to confess that I was laughinh my head off! Many apologies for that. Get better soon though!

  2. I would like to echo the ‘why on earth did you feel the need to get back in the car after passing out?????’ A good read nevertheless, could do with some photos!

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