In a desperate attempt to not leave it to mightily long diary entries, I’m trying to make myself write a little one now.

Last night we went out for Jon-man’s birthday and had a fabulous time! To start with we went to Hard Rock Café for what turned out to be a lovely meal. I had a “pig sandwich” for main course, which was amazingly lovely. KT made the choice for me (she’s a Hard Rock CafĂ© nut!) and it was a good one. Pork cooked all succulently with some kidney beans and a nice barbeque sauce. Mmmm, very very nice. Strangely like aromatic crispy duck tho (as I remember it at least).

Then we proceeded to Ocean for a good few hours’ dancing (see the use of “few hours’ dancing” there – it is grammatically correct it seems… see the comments on the last post for more info). The highlight of the evening was when they played YMCA for Jon-man’s birthday… this may not seem like a highlightable event, but it is when you know that we sing:
Jon-man, there’s no need to feel down,
I said Jon-man, pick yourself off the ground,
I said Jon-man, cos you’re in a new town,
There’s no need to be unhappy…
etc etc

So it’s very funny! Hmm, maybe you have to be there to fully appreciate it.

Erm, so it was a good night in all, and today done bits of work, pursued houses a little more and KT came round for dinner and ended up staying for ages to watch films, play on computers etc. Was a nice day too, but left myself some work to do tomorrow, but no big deal.

So that’s about it. A mini-entry in comparison with the previous one!

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