Super Bowl!

Weekend was great. Tiring, but good.

Just got back from a Super Bowl party at some friends’ place… wonder why it’s called a “Bowl” when nothing they do is like bowling… anyhoo…

Oakland (who we were sorta supporting) lost quite convincingly to somewhere Bay (a.k.a. the Buckaneers), although they did put up a good fight in the beginning of the fourth quarter, but eventually conceeded two more touch-downs and lost 48-21 or something.

Up at 11, so can get to see another house by 12… now spotted a couple of places on the edge of Wollaton that look like possibilities, will arrange to view them I think. One even has 4 big bedrooms! Could fit in one more there (Rob?)

Anyway, must sleep now.

Night all and will write something more soon.

Author: Alex

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