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OK, OK, STOP NAGGIN’ ME! Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! An entry from the one and only author of this site – X3JA!!! [Cheers, screams, applause]

Right, so this is what I’ve been up to since I’ve been back in Nottingham this year (2003, not academic, duhhh).

Anyway, I forgot to welcome anyone that’s reading this for the first time since they got my newsletter. WELCOME! Hope you enjoy the (sporadically added) news you find on here.

Well Sunday was my first real day back and it was filled mainly with church. Both services as per usual. John (Wright – senior pastor of the church) was ill, so Owen (one of the church staff) did the talk. He was good, but I do like John, however I’m always up for a bit of change.

Monday I had my first meeting with Josh, where we talked about what I had to achieve whilst people are busy with exams and stuff. Mainly study stuff working towards going away later this month with Connect workers. Try to catch a meeting with each of the people I regularly see I hope.

Wednesday we had a team meeting at Duncan & Joy’s (who as far as I know STILL hasn’t given birth to Nathan – 10 days overdue now). A few things to sort out from that, but not too much (Josh seemed to be landed with most stuff to do for a change!)

Yes, I know I missed out Tuesday, that’s because it was wholly uneventful. Thursday daytime was pretty much the same too, so I’ll miss that.

Thursday evening was our first Nacvs thing of term. It started quite slowly, but once it got going, it was a great atmosphere and lots of talking & catching up went on. My group is off out for a meal on Tuesday I think… booking that is on my list of jobs to do.

Friday lunchtime, Rachel (very good friend who I know from Crossfire and who lives in Liverpool) came down for a brief (24 hours-ish) visit. We’d cleaned the house (or most of it) earlier that day, partly because we were having people come to look round the house for next year and partly because I knew she’d feel uncomfortable in a dirty house and feel compelled to clean. She only did a little washing up, although she did say she almost cleaned the bathroom but she held herself back!

Anyway, last night we stayed in and watched TV and ate chicken curry (what a change!) and then, about 10.20, decided to head to The Grove for a quick pint before closing. Got chucked out about 11.20, came back home, watched some more TV (cricket mainly) and talked some more. About 3 we all went to bed. I was sleeping in the lounge, so the temptation of watching a random film was too great, so I watched It Was An Accident. Actually a very good film, and really wanted to see it through to the end… so I did. Started trying to sleep about 4.20am, disturbed briefly about 4.50, and finally got to sleep soon after than.

Got up about 10am (so not much sleep, but I can do that once in a while). WE watched some TV and talked a bit more (see a theme?!) and then headed into town. Looked in a few shops (although I was not even looking, cos I’m not buying anything for a long time 🙁 ) Rachel bought a lovely huge photo of some big American City at night (Minneapolis was it? I really should know). She almost didn’t buy it, and even walked away from it. We soon returned to it and were both glad we did (her because she had it, me because she was happy and becuase she wasn’t complaining that she didn’t have it!). Then back here and back to the TV. We really live a varied life here in 243a, honest.

Rachel was picked up about 3pm, so since then I’ve been being very productive. Not. I haven’t done much today, but I was really tired so was useless. I watched The Matrix, which I hadn’t done in a very long time. It’s so good. Can’t believe it’s almost 4 years old… the effects and everything look bang up to date. Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed that, but it woke me up. So here I am at 2am, knowing I should be tired, but not really being. Oh well, will go to bed soon.

And that’s me up to date.
Hope you enjoy,

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