Away in a manger

Another one I didn’t sing this Christmas (oh, and Christmas finishes sometime in January for me, ok?)

Just got back from Han (of the Fernie)’s 21st birthday bash. Was much fun, and nice to catch up with some of the girlies that I haven’t seen since the summer. Han, Jo, Sarah, Elle and even Tina (who I don’t think I’d really spoken to before). Lots of chatting and a bit of talking about teching with Sarah and Tina. But of course the highlight of the evening was a quick chat to the sorely-missed Liz. I hadn’t heard her voice for around 5 months, and it was like a breath of fresh air to me. Can’t wait to see her in Febuary, just hope I can organise things so that I’m free.

Anyway, the rest of the party was good with fake gamblings, lots of nibbles and the odd drunken argument (not involving me, I might add).

Today was odd, because I woke up at some point this morning, realised I had nothing more interesting to do than sleep, so I went back to sleep until about 1pm, woke up again, still nothing great to do, so I texted a bunch of people and eventually arose around 2pm.

Watched an interesting documentary on Ealing studios and then Ladykillers, which for a very old film (nearly 50 years old), was very good. Some great bits of comedy, and overall quite dark – a pleasant surprise.

Off tomorrow to Simon’s for new year party and housewarming all wrapped up into one little bundle of an event. So this may be my last entry of 2002!

(and to the unfaithful ones, I hope it’s full of sorrow and pain… only kidding – have a great one too!)

Bye for now!

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