In the bleak midwinter

Bet you thought Christmas was over, but NO! Still titles of carols for my diary entries! Hmm, didn’t actually sing this carol this year, guess that’s cos I didn’t actually go carol singing, where you end up singing ALL the ones you know.

So, since Christmas Day. Basically been to the pub quite a bit – Wetherspoons in Sevenoaks in fact. Bumped into people there including Julia from Southwell Hall in my first year at uni, people I know from primary school, people I know from a youth club I used to go to, people from secondary school, people from church – all sorts! I’m glad Sevenoaks seems to be where everyone hangs out now, cos it means I bump into people like that.

Oh, and yesterday I braved Bluewater for what was probably the biggest shopping day of the year. I went with Grant and we both spent far too much money, but hey, that’s excusable – I don’t go often. I bought 2 t-shirts, a shirt, 2 pairs of trousers and a new wallet. Oh and a birthday present of a fleecy thing for Grant (who also bought me a fleece).

Bluewater was amazing. There were cars parked EVERYWHERE! The car parks were pretty full when I got there about 11.45 with cars parking on the ends of rows where there weren’t really spaces and stuff. I thought that was manic. When we left, however, around 3.30, there were cars parked on all the grass surrounding the place, parked on the road where there were 2 lanes and pretty much everywhere which wasn’t a lake. Very scary, but quite cool that I’d got myself a real parking space when I got there. Bluewater was heaving inside, but you could get into most shops OK (except HMV for some reason – we gave up on that cos it was just TOO busy). Queues were never more than 10 mins in the places we went to. Although Grant said that his Dad had queued for 30 mins just to get into Next (at 7.30am) and then for 2.5 hours to buy the stuff he chose. That’s just stoopid. Especially since the queues were shorter later on (but worse selection I guess).

Anyway, that was nice – haven’t had a good shop in quite some time. I particularly like my purchase of a T-shirt with “Plain Lazy” on it… think that’s apt.

Anyway, just had lunch with my Gran and Grandpa (one my dad’s, one my mum’s) and guess I’ll be off into town again tonight, probably with Simon of the Older variety and no doubt Oli.

Tomorrow church followed by Lord Of The Rings Special Edition DVD at Nick’s (he’s got a decent DVD player – I don’t have my computer at home, and I don’t fancy sitting in my Dad’s office for 4 hours watching it). Keep inviting people to come, hope Nick doesn’t mind, and hope he has enough seats!

Boi boi

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