Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Yes, I wasn’t geeky enough to actually write an entry ON Christmas Day, but it is only an hour and a half gone!

Today looked like this:
0945 – Wake up & open stocking
1000 – Shower & breakfast
1030 – Arrive church & open our one pressie we took with us
1130 – Arrive home from church, await Dad’s return in anticipation of opening presents.
1200 – Open presents… I got: CDs (Massive Attack – Mezzanine, Best of Divine Comedy, Fatboy Slim Live at the Boutique & Best of Cake), DVDs (Special Edition Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring), books (Guide to Springfield byt The Simpsons, Colemanballs 11, Vine’s expository bible dictionary) and sweets (various!).
1400 – start lunch. FIRST MEATY CHRISTMAS DINNER FOR ME IN OVER 10 YEARS!!! Was absolutely gorgeous, even by my mum’s standards. Mmmm, made me wonder why I was ever veggie!
1600 – finish lunch, fall asleep
1700 – wake up & say goodbye to Katie who was off back to Manchester
1730 – start watching crappy Christmas Day TV… surprisingly addictive
2000 – off to the pub to meet Oli and Australian girls that are living with his mum for a couple of days in the pub (more explanation on them later maybe).
2300 – back home with Oli and girls to have a cuppa with my parents.
0000 – watch the end of The Wedding Singer. Romantic comedy… probably one of the best of it’s genre!
0100 – watch last remnants of Christmas TV, even look on “free to view” digital channels, but locate nothing worth watching.
0130 – up here to write this & check emails.

So here I am… oh last night was amusing too… Went to The Farmers with Oli and these two Australian girls (Penny and Katie)… Penny’s dad is Oli’s mum’s cousin… so they’re like second cousins once removed I think! Saw Deano, Max, Owen, Ash, Stu Massie, Anthony Jones and various other people I either know or recognise. None of our usual girls… very depressing :o( They are sorely missed!

Walked up to church after the pub… always feels odd that going to church after 3 or 4 pints… but was good all the same. Midnight service was cool – I haven’t had too many carols this year, so was still enjoying them!

When I came back from church, Oli invited me up to his, where Penny, Katie and he were talking to his mum & grandad. I think it’s fair to say that his grandad had had a few too many and was being rather amusing interspersed with dirty old man like. He did remember I had a sister, which impressed me. Although apparently today he didn’t remember me going round last night… must have made an impression!

Anyways, time to read other people’s diaries now, see if anyone *cough* Rob *cough* was sad enough to actually have a Dec 25thg entry!

See you all in the new year if not before – I hope it’s a happy one for you!

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  1. BAH, was bored!

    Sounds like a good Christmas, glad you enjoyed it. Though I can tell how bored you are by how much you text so who knows :p

  2. According to my limited knowledge of family relationships I think that if Penny’s dad is Oli’s mum’s cousin it makes Oli and Penny second cousins. Oli’s cousin once removed would be Penny’s dad and if Penny had a child that would be Oli’s second cousin once removed…..

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