Good King Wenceslas

No idea if that’s how you spell it!

Anyways, just got back from our Duff family get-together. No that’s not an insult, my mum’s maiden name was Duff, so it was her side of the family – her two brothers, one sister-in-law, three nephews and one neice. (Two uncles, one aunt, and four cousins for me) plus my mum, dad, sister and me.

It was a really nice evening, great to see them all. Had good chats, if a little brief, with most of them. Got into some heavy talk about universities and what we should expect from them with the money they get for us being there etc etc. Was good.

Food was great. Starter was tomato, mozerella and olives. Also was a gorgeous lettuce, smoked salmon, walnut and roquefort salad – yumm! That was by my uncle, Alan and my aunt, Fi.

The main course was taken care of by my uncle, John, whose house we were at and it was a lovely bit of smoked ham with a mushroom sauce, potatoes and green beans. Yumm too! Best bit of pork I’ve had since ceasing to be vegetarian.

Pudding was done by my mum and was an orange creme caramel. Lovely too (had to say that cos she is reading… in reality it was nicer than lovely!).

Then more talking and we left about 1am, to get home here just before two. They’ve all gone to bed now, and I’m gonna do the same.

Anyone in or near Sevenoaks reads this – come to the Farmers tomorrow night, I’ll be there from 8/9 I imagine. Call me :o)

Happy Christmas Eve!

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