Hark the herald angels sing

Oh, it’s time for all the Christmassy titles for my diary updates!

The carol service tonight was cool, LOTS of carols and a fair few candles too. Nice to see all the people from church, although only a couple of my mates were there (yay Nick and Gareth).

After church went out for a drink with Nick in The Oak Tree (ex-Auberge (ex-Blighs)). First time in there – looks good. We bumped into a crowd that Nick knows quite well and I vaguely know. Talked to some random people and then to Nick for ages about stuff & things.

Left about 10 since I figured I should actually see my parents at some point (I only saw them for about a minute at church and not at all before).

Came home and helped mum do Christmas cakey things and generally got in the way. Sat and chatted to Dad for quite a while about his job he’s going to be doing – a community project in Sheerness – sounds fantastic. Stood and chatted to Mum for a while too whilst she did cooking-type stuff (see how she did two things at once, but me and Dad can only do one?!)

Anyway, chatted until about 15 mins ago, so I’ve successfully tired them both out, leaving them to get up early and me to sleep in tomorrow!

I’ve got to put a cheap new computer together for Mum tomorrow, or at least buy the parts. Hmm, think I’ll do some research into that now. Although aftyer only 4 hours of sleep and a 16 hour day so far, including aroudn 3 hours of driving, I’m feeling a little drowsy…

Anyway, looks like diary entries will be more frequent now I’m at home. Probably because I didn’t bring a computer home, so I don’t have much fiddling to do!

Night all

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