Home James!

Well, I made it home – in 2h40m, which is about as good as it gets. Fortunately for me (unfortunate for hoards of others) the traffic was seriously bad anti-clockwise on the M25 (like 4 hour delay or something hurrendous!) but I was going clockwise, so I was fine.

Well, just enough time to get my bags in, write this entry, have a bite to eat and then go off to candle-lit carols at my parents’ church.

It’s nice to be back I think.

Author: Alex

I am X3JA

3 thoughts on “Home James!”

  1. Would love to come sing with you but I don’t get home until Tuesday afternoon. We will have to sort pub arrangements though 😉

  2. Good good. But none of your usual drinking and driving with randy women in the car while smoking a joint ok?

    (Hope his parents read this.) 😀

  3. Heh Rob, you’re confusing me with you again. I know you want to be like me, but that means you become like me, not me like you. OK?

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