It’s holiday time!

As of some vague time today I am on holiday – woohoo!

Yesterday did my Christmas shopping… not that there was much to do really – maybe I’m not generous enough! Then Nathan came round for one last time this term. Trying to convince him and Laura to stay in Nottingham beyond this year, even though Laura has a job in Manchester starting next year. Hehe, I think Nathan wants to stay though. He should do. I’M HERE!

Today did a bit of reviewing of the term, chatted to Jim, did some washing up and now here I am.

Tomorrow, not sure what I’m doing. Jim’s off to watch the footy in the arvo, so maybe I’ll just sleep lots and then sleep a bit more.

Off home on Sunday after church for a couple of weeks (probably).

I feel the pressure right now to have some amusing incident in my life to recount, because I just read Liz’s diary and she has lots of amusing incidents happening!

OK, so this is an embarassing one that just happened today (maybe I do have funny stories, but I just don’t share them as readily as Liz).

A couple of weeks ago my radio front for my car went missing. I assumed it was probably in some pair of trousers in the mound on my floor, so I wasn’t too concerned and thought it would turn up. However as time has gone by, I’ve worked my way through that mound and it wasn’t to be found. So I realised I’d probably have to get a new one. I searched my car and room one last time last night (and found some interesting stuff left in my room from Week One… yes that’s 3 months ago!) and found nothing. So I went down to the Ford place today to get a new one. £63! It’s only a small piece of plastic with some metal and buttons in. I’m sure it was cheaper last time I lost one! (Yes, this isn’t the first time it’s happened). So I grudgingly pay and get back in my car, test it works and then drive home.

Arriving at home I think “wouldn’t it be really funny if it was in the back of the car”. Lo and behold, there it is sitting smiling up at me on the floor in the back. Couldn’t believe it! I’d looked. The only thing that can have happened was that it slid out from under my seat or something! So I’m now the proud owner of two radio fronts for a Ford model 5000/6000 radio unit. If anyone needs one, do let me know! I think I’ll have to face taking the old one back tomorrow… hopefully won’t be the same guy serving me!

So – is that entertainingly Liz-like? Hope so. But I’m not blonde, and I’m not in a foreign country – so what’s my excuse?

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