10 mins

Right, I’ve got 10 mins until I’m off out for a Christmas drink with Jay (and I’m yawning already – serves me right for having a beer with dinner – always a tiring option).

Quick overview of the past few days:
Saturday: Went to see 28 Days Later at the cinema, but it was sold out (we did get there 10 mins after is started!) Went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding instead. Fun film, but nothing too special.
Sunday: Church in the morning, followed by Nathan & Laura coming over for a fry-up lunch. Good to spend some chilled time with them. Then back ot church for the carol service at 7.30, which was a good mix of old & new. Very pleased with how Vineyard handled it, as usual.
Monday: Work. Hired out About A Boy on DVD to watch, because we were all bored in the house. It’s a decent film, with Hugh Grant desperately trying to break his mould. He suceeded a bit, but I found it hard to see him as the cold-hearted man he was trying to play. Still, a not-too-cheesy film, but still a bit girly 🙂
Today: More work and just off out to The Grove for a few drinks with Jay.

And that only took 6 mins… I should do this more often.

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2 thoughts on “10 mins”

  1. Say hi to Jay! Sounds like you´re having a wicked time. I LOVED about a boy. Thought it was superb. Cried and laughed at the same time when Hugh Grant tried to sing. Thought it was the most amusing scene I had seen (he he) in a long time!

    When you off home for Christmas. Do you miss me?????????

  2. Heh, we talked about you last night Liz :o) All good stuff of course.

    Off home on Sunday (22nd) for Christmas.

    Yes Liz, I miss you… like the desert misses the rain.

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