Sleep, wonderful sleep

Last night we went out for a meal with people from Alpha. We tried to get food at the Rose And Crown, but they were inundated and had stopped taking food orders for the night. The Three Wheatsheaves had finished, as had The Grove! What is going on in this silly town! So we ended up going to Tequila’s – the Mexican restaurant on Canning Circus. It used to be one of my favourite places to eat, but it’s under new management now evidently and it’s become an Italian and Mexican Restaurant, so it’s reduced its number of cool mexican dishes (like shark fajitas and crocodile steak) to a minimum. Also they stopped serving sangria! AND now they do Italian food, they don’t do pizza! How can you have an Italian Restaurant that doesn’t do pizza? I ask you – what is the world coming to?!

Anyway, the food we got there was ok, and wasn’t too expensive, but I won’t be hurrying back.

Got home from that about 11ish and watched a bit of TV, but was /really/ knackered. So I went to bed. Yes, that was me, going to bed BEFORE midnight!

The scary thing is that I slept right through until 11.30 this morning! And the only thing that woke me up then was a phonecall from my bank. I wonder ho wlong I’d have slept if I hadn’t got that call… might not ever have woken up!

Anyway, what else have I done since I last wrote? Come on – tell me! Oh, that’s my job to tell you, ok, I shall do that then.

Friday evening was great going out on the soup run (which, in case I didn’t explain, is where we take food, clothing and medical supplies to homeless people in the centre of Nottingham). Met some really nice guys although I didn’t do much talking as some of the others had done it more times and knew a lot of the guys on the street. It was great just to serve them and observe the others interacting with them.

Saturday I didn’t do much (or my diary says I didn’t) although I’m sure I did do something, just can’t remember right now what it was. Oh that’s right, in the evening I went to see Simon (of the Huggins) who’d come up for a party at the Ropewalk up the road. Me and Rob went up and saw him and a few other people we vaguely know. Was great to see Simon again – he’s still the same old huggie we know and love. Also bumped into a girl from hall in my first year who’s a medic, which was nice.

Sunday I went to church in the morning, and it was really good. It was on worship and how you shouldn’t be too dignified in worship (but equally that you shouldn’t always be embarassingly undignified, but that’s less of a danger for me I think). Funny, cos I was thinking about that before they started the talk. Another relevant talk for me… almost as if it was planned that way :o)

Sunday afternoon, filled in a few forms to sort out some admin.

Sunday evening was the Navs mulled wine and mince pies thing at Josh & Nat’s house. It was really nice and relaxed and we had an OK turn out, would have like a few more, but those that were there had a good time. We had a game of trivial pursuit, and I got a question right! Something like “What did Natasha Sarah Amos change her name to” and I guessed “Tori Amos” and it was right! YAY! I can do general knowledge!

Came home, watched a film (Enemy of the State – class film and watchable a few more times yet. It’s one of the ones I borrowed off Karen, so thanks Karen!

Monday, had a meeting with Josh to sort out some stuff, but mainly encouraging and thinking about the next two (potentially boring) weeks. Then in the evening it was out for a meal with the Alpha people as I said above.

Today, I’ve just got more boring admin to do… or I could go back to bed and get some more sleep?!

bye all

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