My birthday ends…

I finally got what I think will be my final birthday present today, when I returned the Bible I got last week and exchanged it for another one. So I’m very happy – it’s a big fat study Bible.

Erm, stayed up to an odd hour last night, and consequently missed most of daylight today – very depressing. That’s odd isn’t it? How just the fact that you get up part way through the day can be depressing, even if you don’t need to do anything specific… although I was meant to get up and see Rob at 10.30, but I was fairly aware that that wasn’t going to happen when I went to bed only a few hours before that.

Anyway, I’m off out to do the soup run in about an hour. The soup run is where we take soup (!), sandwiches, dog food and other stuff around the streets at the centre of town and give it out to homeless people. It’s usually a really positive and really negative experience: positive because you’re doing something to help, negative because there’s only so much you can do and it’s all quite temporary. Oh well, I’ll wrap up warm and hope it doesn’t rain too much.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to be working since I did nothing today except go into town, and that doesn’t really count.

I’m sure you want to know what else I’ve been doing, so I’ll do my brief rundown:

Friday – Went to see third year medics perform Grease! What fun! It was done quite well, but they didn’t have the rights for “Grease is the word”, “Stranded at the drive-in” and “You’re the one that I want”, so it was lacking in some places. But for an amateur, inexperienced performance it was really good.

Saturday arvo – Went to see Huddersfield play at Chesterfield. Josh’s birthday present to me. It was raining. The away stand is terraces. The away stand has no cover. I was wet. It was windy. I was cold. Chesterfield won 1-0. I was not happy. Josh reckons it was his second worst footballing expericence… but at least Town played ok in the second half. We really deserved a draw. Even the Chesterfield website said something like “Huddersfield deserved to reward their freezing drenched supporters with a goal”. But alas, they didn’t.
Saturday eve – Saw Debbie in a play entitled “Spin the Pterodactyl”. It was quite odd – about God(frey) marrying some woman and the meaning of life being something to do with celery. Odd indeed. It was followed by a play “Jack in the Box”, which I found really cool and interesting. Some comments on new age, life, afterlife and other things. All done in a bizarre way again. Good night.

Sunday morn – Church.
Sunday eve – down to Farnham Royal to see Alan, Fi, Oliver & James. I’ve already said I enjoyed this.

Monday day – Worked for Alan and then headed back up to Notts about 4pm.
Monday eve – Alpha. Really good. We had a talk on healing, and then everyone had a chance to talk with their group leader and John about how the course was going and where they felt they were with God right now. It was great to hear how positive people are about Alpha. I’m hoping we might keep meeting up after Alpha finishes next term.
Monday night – Went to see KT. They are celebrating the Jewish festival of Chanukah at the moment, so we saw them do the ceremony and say some prayers and stuff… a 3 hour conversation ensued about Judaism and Christianity. I don’t think it got heated – stayed quite positive, which is always good.

Tuesday – Navs small group in the evening – last one of the year! We started with 7 people there at 8.30. We were down to 2 by 9.30 (mostly legitimate excuses to leave)! So me and Sam had a really good chat about really real stuff. Twas all good.

Wednesday – Went round to Phil’s for a chat. Was cool to talk to him alone – you can tell a lot better how someone’s doing like that than in a more public setting. No football – too much work going around and too much cold.

Thursday – Went to a conference with some people from the NFI church in Nottingham, where Greg Haslam from Westminster Chapel spoke on “The Authority of Scripture”. Very hard core (first talk was 1h45m!) but very very good. Had a chat to him afterwards and he was encouraging and challenging… I seem to meet quite a few people like that.

Friday – well, you know what I’ve done today.

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