News in brief

No, this doesn’t mean I’m writing this just wearing pants! (Sorry, but had to be done)

Anyway, this is really brief, because if I don’t update this now, it’ll be another week… and then you won’t have a clue what’s going on.

Last week:
Friday – went out for my birthday – had a fantastic time in The Grove and then The Zone. About 25 people came along.
Saturday – Alpha day away with people. This went well, but was a little rushed I felt. Everyone said it was worthwhile.
Sunday – Church. Navs seminar. Out for a meal at Zizzi with housemates +2.
Monday – sleep + Alpha.
Tuesday – spent morning and lunch with a Navs guy – an ex-professor from Harvard. Evening we went to The Ark with loadsa people. All good
Wednesday – Team meeting. No footy – not enough people.
Thursday – Car M.O.T.

And that was the highlight of today.

I’m working on my newsletter, but I know what I’m like with admin stuff, so don’t expect anything too soon!

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