The weekend ends here

OK, so in an attempt to keep up to date (before my mum complains) here is what I got up to at the weekend…

Friday night was very fun, but made it hard to get up on Saturday to take Matthew to archery – I managed it though! I did go back to bed for an hour or so once I got back, just so I felt like it was really Saturday!

Day of laziness & sport on Saturday! Man Utd vs Man City – great game & nice result! Then England vs All Blacks in Rugby Union – close, but we got it! Didn’t watch the Rugby League, which was probably a good move. Lazed around for the rest of the day and watched Hannibal in the evening. It’s ok as a film, not as deeply pschological as Silence of the Lambs, but certainly gross in parts! Stayed up late again, probably did nothing though.

Sunday morning, got up bright and early… well, at least early. Took Rob & Anna to church. Service was good as ever – talk on “being thirsty for God”. He even quoted my favourite part of the Bible – Psalm 63. Wanted to go out to pub for lunch, but everyone else had plans, so I cried. They still didn’t come – maybe that only works when girls or kids do it – worth a try though.

The afternoon was filled (as it often has been) with dozing on the sofa watching something on TV… this time it was triple Star Trek: Voyager… sad I know, but I did sleep well! Had a good chat with Jim a bit later on. Talking is good. Out of practise a bit though!

Then off to church in the evening with Jim, Rich and John. Went into the Extension Cafe bit again, so messed around with Nathan a bit – mainly when the camera was on us… he really needs to grow up that boy. After the service, they open the bar in that room and loads of people came up this week, and it had a really good atmosphere. Wonder if when they move into their new building they’ll get licensed and have a bar? I hope so. Anyway, just chatted to Nathan, Rich, Jim, Lydia and Esther which was really nice. Stayed until about 10.30 I think, then gave everyone a lift home.

Decided when I got home that, since I hadn’t been able to have a drink at church, I’d open a bottle of wine. Shared it with Graham and little with Jim. A very nice wine it was too. One of the ones I imported from France on my sailing trip. It was “Fitou” from 2000 (apologies for lack on accents, will update once I figure out how to do them):

Sépages: Grenache, Carignan, Syrah
Dégustation: Né au coeur du Pays Cathare, sur un terroir suvage et chargé d’histoire, le Fitou Pierre Chanau offre une belle robe rubis. Son nez développe des arômes de garrigues, d’épices et de fruits à l’eau de vie, sa bouche est ample avec une finale longue et soyeuse.
Vin et mets: Idéal sur les plats en sauce, les viandes grillées ou rôties, les gibiers.
Température de dégustation: A consommer entre 17C et 19C.
Conservation: Prêt a boire dès a présent, ce Fitou Pierre Chanau se bonifiera pendant 2 à 5 ans, couché à l’abri de la lumière et des écarts de température.

Anyway, having said all that – it was really nice! It wasn’t as sharp as some red wines can be and went down very nicely. Watched Lake Placid and a silly program called “Thumbs”. Both were rather amusing, aided by a couple of glasses of wine. Went to bed at a reasonable time (for me).

Today me and Jim took the hoover to the hoover doctor, so he’ll be away for a few days being fixed. Took us ages to find the place that the electrician had recommended us – mainly because I didn’t really know where Arnold was anyway! But we chanced upon it after about an hour of driving around, which was nice.

Anyway, Alpha tonight and busy day tomorrow, so I’d best go do something else.

Bye all!

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