Pinch and a punch and all that

Welcome to November – the month for birthdays in my family… My gran, uncle, two cousins and myself all have birthdays in November (me? hint? nooo!).

I’m off to see Grandma on Monday in her new place near Beverley in E Yorks with Katie to surprise her for her birthday. Need to pop out shopping in a little while to buy her a photo frame as a pressie. Seems somewhat odd to give her one of my graduation photos for a pressie. “Here’s a photo of me – I’ve signed it for you – it’ll be valuable one day”. Hmmm. Oh well, she can always reuse the frame 😀

So, what’s been going on in my life since… when was it? Monday?! oops, it’s been a while again – sorry Mum!

Alpha on Monday was good, although we were a little down on numbers, but it’s still well worth it. People seem to engage with what we’re doing and ask good questions that matter to them, so it’s all good. Guess we could do with a few more people just to mean we can have 2 decent size groups to chat in.

Tuesday was manic! I was at it from 9am to 11pm without much of a break!
0900-1030 – Meeting about Alpha with John & Katie. Arranging stuff about which talks to do when… we chatted for ages, and landed back with the recommended order. Oh well, still worth the time to make sure we’re happy with it!
1100-1330 – Preparing for leading the small group in the evening. The material took all of the 2 hours just to go through. Fortunately I had some questions for discussion as I went through, so it didn’t take me another 2 hours to get them!
1415-1630 – Practise music for the weekend with Jim, Graham and Josh. I do enjoy playing my bass, although I never get any better. Could be because I only play it once a year maybe?
1800-1830 – Eat (yay!)
1900-1930 – Pick lots of people up and take them to Josh &amp’ Nat’s for the study.
2045-2145 – Started the discussion a little late, but we’d been having good chats before that anyway. I really enjoy having a group of my own – it makes me feel all mature and stuff! We had a good discuss, but people are still settling into the group, so it wasn’t that fluid, but I’m sure we’ll get there. Oh, and I probably need to say less (even though I am wise and everything).
2300 – got back home after dropping people back… *YAWN*

So that was Tuesday. I was hoping for a nice long lie-in on Wednesday, but I realised I had to arrange transport for the weekend – so I arranged to go and see Josh at his around 1100. We sorted it all out pretty well.

Weds arvo was FOOTBALL! It was good fun, if a little cold & damp, but that’s to be expected in England for the next 6 months. (Do you get that cold & damp stuff in Spain Liz? In Oz Karen? I think we get more than our fair share here). I think I might actually be getting better… although I’m still the worst player there, but hey – I enjoy it and people don’t get too annoyed with me I think.

Oh yeah, Weds evening – that was “fun”. I was rather tired after football, but decided it would be good to go and see my small group from church in the pub. So about 8ish I walked the 10 mins to the White Hart, only to discover no-one there I knew and a rather smoke-filled function room with more people I didn’t know. I realised at that point something wasn’t right. So I rang Nathan &emp; texted Andy. But no-one replied, so I lonelily (is that a word?) walked back towards home.

I had a cunning plan as I got back on Lenton Blvd – I’d go to Blockbuster and hire Pulp Fiction out – because I’ve still not seen it! And of course the 1 copy they had of it was out. So I just moped off home.

I was in a weird mood – tired and a bit grumpy. But we watched Magnolia instead (or was that Tuesday night? Oh well, close enough). The more I watch the film, the better I think it is. I’m sure loads of people find it offensive, but once you get past the language and stuff – I think the point it makes is very interesting and well presented. However, I can understand how people might think it is slow & depressing. I guess it is in places, but I really didn’t notice this time I watched it – I was looking for more detail. I still don’t feel like I understand the whole film, which is great – I’ll have to watch it more – or at least the special features.

OK, so on to Thursday… wow this is taking a long time. Well, I didn’t really do much yesterday. Nathan came round for a bit in the afternoon and kindly informed me that small group is on hold because we have nowhere to meet right now – the White Hart were going to start charging us, which we can’t really afford. Nice to be told these things 😀

Then I went to see Andre again. This week he had fewer random questions, so I managed to take him through some structured stuff, which I think he appreciated. I feel like he’s listening a bit more now than just asking lots of questions. Very good time – and he always enjoys it too. This is my job?!

Popped over to the Fair Trade Cafe, run by Speak to see Tim (of the Lee) & give him directions for the weekend. It looks cool in there – will have to pop over more often – it is only across the road after all!

Been looking into jobs over the past few days. I don’t really have a clue what I want to do. Any suggestions – please comment here! IT is the obvious choice, but I’m not sure it’s what I want to do. Logistics looks quite interesting, but not really sure why (maybe I just want to be my Dad?). What else could I do? Oh and job websites suck. They only have jobs on them either require 2 years experience of whatever they’re for or are telesales. Humph.

Anyway, time to go shopping and maybe have a hair cut.

And Liz – this is another long one just to compete with you!

***AMMENDMENT 03/11/02 18:14***
I have 3 cousinswith birthdays in November.
I also have one future brother-in-law born in the same month.

And thanks mum for pointing out that my 3 currently deceased grandparents all did so in the month of November.

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  1. 3 cousins – Anna is 20 on 12th.
    And your sister’s fiance – Nik on 26th
    Also both former ministers of your home church
    And numerous people you have never heard of
    Also anniversary of the death of your 3 deceased grandparents
    Beverley has 3 e’s (Not a statement of anyone’s drug habit)

    What an interesting entry to read this time!
    Have a really great weekend!

  2. Nah, we don´t get that wet stuff…what´s it called again??? it´s been so long I don´t remember……. oh yeah… RAIN. No we don´t get much this far down South. I think we get something stupid like 2 days of rain a year or something. In fact when it rains here people stop dead when they are driving cos they find it impossible to drive in such conditions. PAH!!!! What weeds!

    PS. GOing to write an even longer, more interesting diary entry in order to beat yours!!!so poo poo!!! 🙂

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