Long time dead

Well, ok it’s not been THAT long. And I’m not dead. But the title suits quite well apart from that.

Erm, Friday we went to The Grove, and then Debbie talked me (fairly easily) into going into town with her, Babs and friends to The Market Bar in town. It was 4 quid to get in, but drinks weren’t that bad. However, once we’d been there about 10 mins, it became apparent that people didn’t want to stay that long. So me and Debbie encouraged people to have a dance (to R ‘n’ B, Hip-hop, Jazz, Soul etc) and some did. In the end we stayed for about an hour, so it was probably worth it.

Saturday I just did nothing. I think.

Sunday was busy. I know.
Church once in the morning – good sermon on working with the poor being very central to who we whould be as a church.
Then a seminar in the afternoon on leading a small group. Duncan led it really well and it was nice and practical. Reminding me off stuff I’ve learnt before, which is nice.
Then a trip to see a P.A. we will be using for the weekend away next weekend. Seems very good and just need a couple of mic stands to go with it.
Then church again in the evening. I fell asleep during the sermon, but it was the same as the morning, so I didn’t miss anything :oD
Stayed up to watch the last game of the World Series (SF Giants vs. Anaheim Angels). It was good to start with, but the Angels got 4-1 up in the 4th and it stayed like that until the end… and that was at 4.15am. Was a little tired by that point!

Today – had a meeting with Josh, sorted out a few forms and am about to go out to Alpha.

So bye!

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  1. I don´t like the way my name is now used to describe the length of diary entries! Ho hum.

    Take care babe xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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