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In a renewed attempt to keep this up-to-date, I am writing another entry, just 16 (ish) hours after the last…

Today we had a team meeting for Navs, in which we talked about the weekend away amongst other things. Am very excited about that weekend now – just hope a lot of people can come.

Then I played football this afternoon. The first time it’s been really cold since we’ve been playing this year, and it rained and hailed a bit too. But I still had a good time and people seem to want to play. The best part of today is that I scored with the first kick of the ball today. The other team said “go”, so I kicked it from the half-way line and scored past their goalie, which was nice! Although not much glory – not exactly a stunningly skilful goal, but a goal nonetheless (which is rare for me).

This evening we’re out of food, so it’s looking like getting take-out and we’ll go shopping tomorrow. Hmm, but I should shop tonight, because I parked my car somewhere where it can’t stay overnight. Oh I dunno. I’ll figure something out.

Oh, and mum, since you asked, my cold/cough thing is lingering :o(

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  1. dont worry Mrs Walker i’ll look after him. I don’t think he was wearing a vest at footy, but i do remember him saying something along the lines of ‘Vest? pah! Vests are for girls!’

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