About time!

OK, time for a big news update I guess. Might get bored part way through, so sorry if I do…

Last Thursday evening is where I kick off my tale. We had a Navs meet up at Dunc & Joy’s house similar to the Tuesday one and on the same topic (which also happened to be the same topic as Alpha on the Monday – “Who is Jesus?” simple eh?). It went well, although the guys in my group weren’t that talkative, but we still had a good chat I think.

Friday evening I went away with my small group from church to a youth hostel in Dovedale (very close to where we’re going with Navs in a week or so). It was a lovely old manor-house type place and had a decent games room to keep us entertained when we were there.

I drove down with Dave, Mary and John. Only John did I really know. Dave, however, very quickly became a friend when he produced a bag of chocolate raisins. OH YES! My favourite sweets! Mary on the other hand…

Friday night we went down the road to the Izaak Hotel (or something like that) for a not cheap, but very nice meal. mmm lamb 😀

Saturday we were rudely awoken by Hannah at 8am (ON A SATURDAY!). But it was fair enough, because breakfast finished at half past… So after a relatively hearty breakfast, we set off for a 6-mile hike in the cold, but sunny, October morning. I put on as many layers as I could without looking silly so as to keep warm, but it was unneccesary because a combination of the sun & the walking kept me warm enough for just a t-shirt and jumper most of the time. it was glorious walking weather. We found a very steep hill and decided it would be a good idea to run up it. Good plan. Except it was a lot harder than it looked (and probably a lot more dangerous – Nathan did start scarily rolling down at one point when he slipped (or was he pushed?!)). Boy did my quads hurt the next day! We also found some caves to go into (up another steep climb) which was rather scary since we only had one small maglite between 17 of us and it was mostly pitch black!

Then it was back to the cars and off to a pub for a sandwich lunch. Nathan, Laura, Mary and myself had to leave early for various reasons, so we set off as the others were finishing their lunch.

Dropped Laura and Mary off and proceeded to act as chauffer for Nathan as he tried to organise lots of things for Roo’s stag do which was happening that afternoon and evening. An hour or so later and I was back home and feeling rather tired. But this did not deter me – I was up for partying!

The plan was to meet Roo’s stag night people somewhere, but that ended up not happening, and I’d been invited to Jay’s house for a houseparty-thing, which turned out to be really cool. This was mainly because I’d not seen Jay for more than about 20 mins since he’s been back at uni. So it was nice to spend some time with him.

Went to bed about 3.30am (post-kebab of course).

Back up at 9.45 (ouch) to go to church… alone. It was really nice because I turned up and none of the people I knew well were there, but because I’d been away with my small group that weekend, I sat next to Katie (yes, yet another one!) from there, which was nice. (See Katie (of the Walker variety) I like that phrase too).

Had a bit of time to chill and doze on the sofa in the afternoon before heading off to a team meeting at Josh & Nat’s. We sorted out the Navs small groups for the year. More complex that it sounds – when you have asked people about 4 preferences for groups (mixed/single, preferred day, impossible days & people you click with) then providing for all those preferences becomes “interesting”. Anyway, we managed it and I am very happy with my group. In case you care it currently contains me, Sam, Phil, Meredith, Eve, Rachel, Esther and possibly Jo.

Sunday evening I gave Rob and a guy called Tim a lift to church with his girlfriend. I was asked to do the words for the worship – the first time the main service had used the new data projectors – and it was all down to me! Couldn’t have been in better hands eh? It was fun, but a little scary when 400 people see your mistakes! I ducked out with Jim (who’d arrived from the station during the worship) during the sermon to grab some food (if you can call McD’s “food”). Then went back to chat with people and give lifts home. The cafe thing they are running upstairs during and after the service seems to be working well – nice atmosphere.

Ok, so moving on to monday…
Oh yes, that was just yesterday – what an eventful day – here’s the plan as I hoped it would be:
10.30am Be at Nathan’s, leave for Manchester
12.30pm Get to Nathan’s home, have lunch & pack
1.30pm Leave Nathan’s home, leave for Notts
3.30pm Arrive back home, having dropped Nathan and stuff off.

This is what it really turned out like:
11.15am Be at Nathan’s, leave for Manchester
1.45pm Get to Nathan’s home
1.46pm Realise Nathan has forgotten his keys
1.50pm Drive into Manchester to get keys from his mum (having lunch on the way)
3.15pm Finally get to Nathan’s & pack up.
4.00pm Leave Nathan’s to come home.
7.00pm Go straight to Alpha, having dropped Nathan and stuff off (only 15 mins late)

So you could say it didn’t go exactly to plan! Oh well.

Alpha, however, went very much better than the rest of the day! A couple of people didn’t come back, but we think they probably will, and one person joined this week. So it was a good feel, good food and a good talk I think. The discussion pretty much ran itself with some very good questions being asked, and people offering answers. It was all good.

Today (finally!) I met up with Jim and made a cunning plan for the rest of the year. Then did some photocopying, then had something to eat (from what little food Rob and I have left in the house) and went out to start picking people up for this evening. A little tour of Nottingham later, and I arrived at Josh & Nat’s a mere 10 mins later than hoped.

Tonight was really good – 3 groups got together at once, and then split down after about 45 mins of chatting & catching up. In our groups, we basically spent the time getting to know each other – questions like “How have you come to be where you are?” and “What are your hopes & fears for the year?” were asked. That took up all the time we had! It was great to hear where people have come from (in more than the physical sense) and where they want to go. Really feel like I’ll get to know them well over the year.

Anyway, just watched some Angel, and spent an hour writing this (ok, so I was doing other stuff too). It had better be appreciated.

Until next time – goodbye.

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