Hum tee tum

Tuesday evening went well, with 11 of us getting together at Joy & Duncan’s house. We did 2 groups, neither of which I led, which was a new experience for me – a good one. I enjoyed observing people’s leadership styles.

Yesterday was the typically busy day that Wednesdays look like they’re becoming. First thing (yes, 9.15am!) I had a brief meeting with John & Katie about Alpha. Then I went straight to Dunc & Joy’s to do some work for the Connect day that is a month away (lots of preparation to do). Then I progressed to Josh’s house to have a “management” meeting or something like that. This was swiftly followed by a small lunch and leaving to go to football. We were fortunate with the weather because Tuesday had been HORRIFIC here with places flooding ‘n’ all. It was sunny for the morning, and we only had a couple of showers in the afternoon. Not bad weather for football. 10 of us there most of the time, with 3 joining later on.

Oh, then I came back home to shower & change and chill out for a couple of hours before the England game kicked off. We watched until the end of the first half (2-2) and went out to Scruffy’s up the road for a meal for Rob’s birthday. Lovely food there, as ever, but not cheap, as ever… Then it was back to ours to watch the second half of the game. May as well have not bothered – it ended 2-2 and the second half was a mass of frustrating chances for England with some very good saves by the Macedonians. Another convincing night for English football – yay. We’ll still get through, but we could make it easier on ourselves!

Today I have bits of admin (as usual) to do, a meeting with Nathan and then this evening we’re doing the same as we did on Weds, but probably with a few more people.

Th th th th th th th that’s all folks!

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