Whell whell

Saturday turned out top for sport for me (and Josh) Huddersfield won the football and rugby AND England won the football. Great day!

Sunday morning I went to church as per usual and Kat (one of Laura (Nathan (best mate here)’s girlfriend)’s ex-housemates), who only started coming to church and stuff last year had come back for the weekend. It was really good to see her & hear that she’s got stuck into a church & Alpha course in London where she works.

In the afternoon we had a Navs meet-up for most of the existing Navs people to talk about groups and stuff for this year. I was a little tired, so I wasn’t quite with it and ended up getting rather confused by the whole affair. The result was simplified for me & I now understand what I need to do.

Yesterday evening was Alpha, which went very well, with a good mix of people there – 8 “punters” and 3 leaders. John Bentham did the talk very well and naturally. We only got 30 mins to discuss what he said and, as expected, that was nowhere near enough! But better to have too much to talk about than too little.

Today I just have some photocopying to do and then we’re off out this evening for another sample Bible Study @ Dunc & Joy’s.

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  1. Thanks Nick (who my housemates know as Snick for reasons that I shall not reveal). Correction made. You missed the spelling error though, but you are only a parser, so I shouldn’t expect that much.

  2. Well, since none of my housemates actually read this site (they don’t really need to do they?) I shall now disclose why…

    I used to use your machine to do IRC & ICQ.
    I had aliased the log-in to his machine to the command “snick” standing for ssh to nick.
    You then gave them accounts (or was it just jim?) on your machine.
    So I set up the alias for them.
    You became known as snick.

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