Late nite

We’ve just been out for a nice big night out at various places. The evening started with a pint at The Grove, followed by a kebab at Matt’s (it’s national kebab week apparently), then off to Cucamaras (a cocktail bar) with the evening ending at The Zone for several hours’ of dancing. It was a very fun night with Debbie & a friend, Barbara, coming along with the usual crowd.

Now Debbie… there’s a story 😀 She’s considering not staying with us now, basically because she’s thinking about the opportunities she’ll miss in hall if she stays with us. But she’s not made her mind up yet, so watch this space!-)

Anyway, back to what I’ve been up to since I last wrote.

Wednesday we had a team meeting, arranging a few bits & pieces, but not too much stuff. Then I went to play footy, where we had 12 people playing, so we played for nearly 2 hours each, which was good, but tiring. Then the evening I went to my church small group at The White Hart. It was good to get back there finally after the summer and see everyone again.

Thursday daytime was taken up with lots of printing in preparation for the evening. The evening went very well with 26 people there I think, and we broke down into small groups, one of which I led – it was good to be back leading stuff like that again. All very positive.

Today lunch with Edd (finally) and BIG NEWS! His brother is the main singer in Busted who got to number 3 in the charts with “What I go to school for”. Oh, and he was good and all that stuff too 😀

Now watching a bit of Angel and then off to bed before getting up to go to Huddersfield to see Town play Notts County.

Author: Alex

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