And then there were 8!

***BIG NEWS***
Debbie has said she’ll be moving in… and will be moving in very soon (sometime in the next hour).

Sunday was a cool day with lots of time spent at church. Morning I just went with Rob, and they mentioned the new video-link thing they were experimenting with upstairs (“not an overflow, but an extension”), so I volunteered to help them set it up. Roo (who Nathan is being best man for in a few weeks) is sorting it out, and I think he was quite pleased to have another volunteer.

In the afternoon I came home briefly, completed a bit of Gran Turismo 3 and headed back to help set up. A couple of cameras, a video projector (soon to be 3), a multicore and some leads later and we had a setup. Took us a while, but it was the first time, so we had made sure we had enough time. I then operated the camera downstairs (the one that was the only visual link between the 2 rooms) which was kinda fun, if a bit scary. Had a few comments ranging from “We can’t really see his face” to “We feel sea sick if you zoom in and move around with him”. But generally good feedback.

Yesterday, the main thing I had was a meeting about Alpha with John (Chaplain) and Katie (Trainee Vicar) to chat about how we want to run it. It was all good fun and nice to get excited about Alpha. Sounds like we’ll have somewhere between 5 & 10 people there, but numbers may change (either way) before next week.

Today I met up with Andre, who is looking into Christianity pretty much for the first time. It’s great talking to him because he’s honest & open about his search. I hope I’m helping him find out what he needs to find out!

Now just waiting for Debbie to turn up…

She arrived! Just off shopping with her and Rob now.

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