Before too long

Before my mum gets round to complaining that I’m not writing enough news, I should write some! Although I think she’s busy getting my dad home from hospital right now, so maybe not as much nagging as usual :o) (Hope you’re well dad if you read this… well, and if you don’t)

Anyway, on to my news which you’ve all been waiting for:

Oops… just left this for hours whilst I did some work… where was I?

Wednesday kept me quite busy – I went to Josh’s for a meeting at lunchtime to catch up on where I am with support & how the beginning of term has been. Then it was off to FOOTBALL for a couple of hours. We lost every game 🙁 But we still had fun all the same. 17 of us there this week, probably a few more next week. Need to ring the place to see if we can get a cheap rate from now on. Then it was back for a shower & off down to Jubilee to meet new people… this week we had 4 americans come and find out about what we’re up to, seem like pretty cool people. Briefly popped back home to eat what my wife (A.K.A Rob) had cooked for me and then off out for a drink with Simon (of the Cuthbert variety). Good to see him, although it was rather brief.

Thursday evening was our night in The Ark again. Lots of people again and a good atmosphere – good to see some of the older guys coming along & meeting the new people. 30+ people I think, but I didn’t count this week at all.

And the most random thing happened. One of the freshers, Debbie, said that she was looking to move out of hall because it wasn’t her thing and having lived in a house with people last year, she was looking to do that again. I jokingly mentioned that we had a spare room (in our house with 7 geeky lads whose obsessions include computers, the Simpsons, sci-fi & fantasy and lots of films). She said she wanted to move in! So she came & had a look around last night & we’ve offered the room if she wants it. Haven’t heard back from her yet though – maybe she’s having some sensible thoughts about living with 7 guys!

Anyway, just been out to see Insomnia. Wow. A very good film. Amazingly involving and nice and complex while still being slightly believeable. See it. Best film I’ve seen in a while. Oh and saw the new James Bond film “Die Another Day” trailer, which got me all excited about it!

Time to see what’s going on around the house and prepare for a long day off 😀

Hope you’re all well!

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  1. I agree about Insominia… very good film. Although I personally thought they could have made more of the ending.

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