Oops, hehe

I kinda forgot that I had a diary for a few days there. Now at the prompting of my dear mother, I shall write a little bit…

So what have I been doing? Good question.

Friday I prepared and did a little slot for the CU meeting about Navs. It went ok, apart from getting lost. “We get together in small groups to… erm… sorry, I’ve lost my place in my notes… oh yes, we get together in small groups to study God’s word, the Bible… I did know that, honest.” was about how it went… a couple of people cam up afterwards, and we’ll hopefully see them at what we do this week (Weds & Thurs again)

Saturday was my day off for last week (this time not interrupted by 5 hours of photocopying!) so I just chilled out and I think I went to see The Bourne Identity… or was that another night? Who knows? Graham should – any comments Graham? Anyway, it was a good film, but not fantastic – I’d recommend seeing it, but probably wouldn’t buy it on DVD or anything.

Sunday I took Phil (a fresher from Newark Hall) to church with me as well as Jim & Rob. The talk was VERY practical and about healing… they even did some afterwards with a mix of results. Encouraging and interesting though.

In the afternoon I went and met a couple of the guys that had given us their details at Freshers Fair but we hadn’t seen last week. I managed to see 2 of the 6 people on the list and spoke to another. Both the people who I saw were international students – one from Malaysia (the Uni of Notts campus there!) and one from Jamaica, so they both have interesting culturally different upbringings, which showed through as we had a chat. I’ll be seeing them both around the place – one at Alpha and the other probably individually.

Then in the evening I gave another couple of people a lift to church, one fresher and one 3rd year that was in my hall in my second year. Same talk as the morning, so I was allowed to not really concentrate for once. Was tempted to get my phone out and start texting people, but thought that might be a bit rude! Anyway, the people who came with me seemed to enjoy themselves, but they’re going to have a look at other churches… and quite rightly too.

On the way home I bumped into Jay (friend from hall in 1st year) and popped round to his for tea

Monday – dominated by a team meeting really – 12.30-4.30 – but it was good. Things are calming down after Week One already, so we spent a lot of time talking about people and how we can be involved with them and how they can be involved with us.

Then in the evening I watched Training Day on DVD which I’d borrowed from Jay. A very good film, only based on one day but very intense and interesting. Not exactly what I expected from it… maybe better though. I’d say it was good, better that The Bourne Identity, but still it didn’t quite hit me as an amazing film… but then I’m not sure any do… except Airplane, but that’s an exception!

Today I’ve been sorting out my desk (at last!) and helping KT set up her house network and broadband access.


Bye for now

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