Well, how many entries do I start with “Well…”. A lot, I think.

Week One is almost over now – all I have to do is go and speak to a crowd of about 400 people at CU tonight… no probs! I’m just doing a brief slot on who Navs are, and seeing if anyone is interested in finding out more. I think maybe we should invite one of them to do the same in The Ark with us… but maybe not a talk – think that would be odd.

Wednesday night on Jubilee went OK. We had 3 people turn up – one undergraduate nurse (male! tee hee!), an Education PhD bloke and a chinese guy doing a Masters. The nurse seems like our kinda guy, the PhD bloke seems like he’d be better getting into a church and the chinese guy wants to know more about Christianity (he’d just been out that day to buy a Bible!).

Thursday was a different thing altogether. I think we must have had about 15-20 new people there and 25-30 of us altogether. ALL the new people (bar one guy who came along later) were girls! They obviously wanted to come see me after they met me on Freshers Fair! I was the only person there who had been on the stall all three days, so I was frantivally trying to remember peoples’ faces – I didn’t even start to try with names! Anyway, it was a good night with people hanging around well after we’d said we’d be there and most people sounding interested in what we were doing.

Now some admin.

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