In between

Right, back from the last day of Fresher’s Fair and have had a good but long & tiring day. Now just got to recharge somehow in the next 2 hours to go and meet all the people again and be friendly in Newark Bar. I need a high-speed recharger I think – anyone got a spare.

Author: Alex

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5 thoughts on “In between”

  1. I’ve got a mouse recharger or a phone recharger or a camera recharger?

    Will they do?

    You could wire them all in parallel to your brain and see if that helps? 😉

  2. Don’t be silly. The brain needs an AC supply! Just take a computer’s power cord, splice it, and stick it into the hole on the back of your neck….oh, you took the green pill……

  3. Just being boring. I don’t like the way time is shown on your log: 04.53pm? Is it 4.53pm i.e. 16.43? If so why not show that? 04.53 implies am – a much more likely tinme for you to be posting your log I should have thought.


  4. Thanks for the advice Mr Huggins and Mr Jerk. This is Alex’s lawyer speaking and we will be contacting you both in regards compensation for Mr Walker’s unfortunate incident with a variety of electrical adapters and his head.

    Please forward me your contact details so I can forward you our basis for complaint.

    Thankyou and good day to you.

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