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It’s been a couple of days of work for me the past 2 days.

Yesterday I designed the flier for Fresher’s Fair for Navs (With the slogan “Christianity for people who don’t like religion” on it – I like that) and went round to Duncan’s for lunch & chat. It was good to chat to him about stuff because we’ve seen eachother quite a lot, but not really talked about much other than work. Then I wasted away the evening on my computers.

Today was meant to be a day off, but ended up being filled with photocopying the aforementioned flier. The copy shop just up the road is closed on a Saturday – DUHH! So I had to ring around to find somewhere for copying & ended up going to Ramsey’s via Office World (for blue-ish card). It then took me about an hour to photocopy them and another hour to guillotine them (one by one into 4 pieces). That was very boring.

Anyway, it’s all sorted now, as are the arrangements for sharing a stall with CU on Fresher’s Fair. So I can relax tonight. Will either go see a film in a bit, or go introduce ourselves to the people living above us this year. Last year we didn’t get to know them at all, which was probably a shame for at most one of the floors (the others hurled insults at us even though they didn’t know us). Maybe the pub would be good with them. Or I might just wait in and hope one of my friends calls me… HINT HINT.



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