Close but no ketchup

Well, I’ve decided that instead of trying to catch up with stuff that I haven’t written about, I’m just going to start writing about stuff that I’ve just done. There is a half report on Italy (see the August Archives section) somewhere, but that’s about it.

Today was a day off, so I’ve spent a lot of it chilling out and fiddling on my computers like I haven’t for about 6 weeks. Simon came up for most of the day, so it’s been just like old times. We visited The Grove for many hours this evening… I think it was about 7.30 when we went and about 11.30 when we got back. It was much fun – good food, good bar billiards, good people.

It’s nice to be back in Nottingham, not that I dislike home… just this is starting to feel more like home now.

Anyway, I should sleep since I have to be up early to work on Navs stuff before I meet Dunc for lunch.

Al xx

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