Boring am I?

Apparently my diary has been very boring lately. So I’m now going to not spice it up at all.

I went to see Reign Of Fire tonight with Simon O, Ol and Max. It’s good fun & plenty of action, but a little predictable. Still worth seeing. Just need to catch up and see MiBII, Windtalkers, The Sum Of All Fears, The Bourne Identity and maybe Eight Legged Freaks if I have too much time on my hands.

Talking of time, I’m off sailing for a week tomorrow… ho hum, busy busy busy.

Ta ta for now

Author: Alex

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One thought on “Boring am I?”

  1. Yeah wait till you get back to Nottingham though cos I need to see them all as well 🙂

    Hope sailing is fun, don’t drink too much salt water.

    Rob “I was there” Grant

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