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Well, this is going to be a brief report of what happened at Leading Edge, and yes I know the Italy one should be done first, but it’s getting there OK?!

The first day I arrived and most stuff was set up already, so I just had to set up the techie area in the youth (11-15s) venue, which was good because otherwise someone who didn;t know what they were doing would have done it 🙂 Found out I was staying in a tent and not in a room as I had been told, so a duvet & sheet was looking a little silly at this point. Fortunately found a matress in one tent and used that to sleep on (on top of camp bed) and that kept me warm enough.

Each morning I did a talk. Yes, that’s right – 5 talks by yours truly. If I’m not mistaken I might have been the most regular speaker in the whole of the event (which is about 1100 people from Baptist churches in the UK, in case you didn’t know, of which 100 were 11-15 and in our venue). Anyway, they were fairly simple & brief talks on “Top Tips For Living The Life”. So we had “Love God”, “Live Right”, “Be a Friend”, “Never Be Ashamed” and “Keep On Going”. As the week went on I got more & more relaxed and I think the talks improved because of that. I even prepared some of them more than 12 hours in advance, which is impressive.

Afternoons were spent sleeping or playing football, which were both rather enjoyable and late nights (at least towards the end of the week) were spent staying up & chatting to other members of the team. Such a lovely bunch, and good to catch up with my (adopted) sister Heather.

Anyway, lots of kids, lots of fun & lots of God, so all went well. Great to see kids I know from previous years still going for it. Hope my talks helped them “keep on going” :oD.

That’ll do for LE

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  1. Well hello! I was just cruising the web (or whatever the krazy kids are calling it these days) and thought I’d pop in and have a look at your website…so here I am. I’m glad to see I got a mention in your L.E diary, it was good to catch up with you too, although a week did not seem long enough. It’s not so much fun staying up late playing animal action games on your own!
    I understand you’re enjoying(?) a life on the open waves this week so I hope you get this msg when you return and you’re not too sea-sick!
    speak soon, Hev Xx

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