The story so far…

Well, since I seem to have 14 minutes left of my hour on here, I thought I’d do a quick run down of what I’ve done so far in my first week in Italy with Max, Rob and Liz.

Day 1:
Landed in Pisa, then got a bus (forgot to pay, but weren’t caught – phew) to the train station and headed straight for Torino (aka Turin), where we found our hotel and settled in to sleep (we’d missed most of a nights sleep in the process of getting there).

Day 2:
Looking around Torino – quite a nice place, but nothing really spectacular to see… lots of walking and one particularly good instance of getting lost – my fault that we walked about 2km at 90 degrees to where we really wanted to go. Saw the Turin Shroud, or at least a copy of it over the top of where it’s kept. And the Last Supper by da Vinci was also in that cathedral, and was impressive.

Day 3:
Travelling to Verona… another long journey. Saw the opera “La Traviatore” (or something) which was an experience. Found the second half very dull especially since we were sitting on the stone steps of the amphitheatre with no more than a basic cushion to protect my bum from numbness.

Day 4:
The sights of Verona, which weren’t many, in fact we’d seen most of them the day before by random wanderings. Tried to go to some places that were meant to be free on the first Sunday of the month, but that info was wrong, so we spent the day getting sunburnt by a pool for several hours.

Day 5:
Verona -> Venice. Travelled with 2 lads we’d met at the youth hostel in Verona and met up with them later to play drinking games. Cheap red wine, white wine and VERY cheap Sambuka was being consumed IN THE LOBBY OF THE HOSTEL WE WERE AT… oh well, we only had to stay there one more day 🙂

Day 6:
Venice. All the sights… all the sounds. Got lost lots at my, Rob, Max and Liz’s doing hehe… finally made it to St Mark’s Square and went into the Palace for a few hours, but had worn ourselves out by getting lost so didn’t look at it all.

Day 7:
Today. Travelled from Venice to Pisa to drop off Liz and pick up Ol. Hotel is looking good value and very close to this Internet Cafe.

Will expand and write more probably when I get back, but that will do for starters.

Ta ta

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  1. Hey-thought I’d beat the system and write to you here if you aren’t checking your email. Am feeling mightily jealous at your trip, sounds like the randomness that I was meant to be having in Europe 🙁
    However, am now going to USA, tis all booked etc with some school friends which should be fab. Erm, no other news of so much interest and none to publish for all your pals to see 🙂
    Just thought I’d let you know that I was thinking of you so much I thought that I’d check your log….yuh whatever
    Have fun
    luv ktx
    PS send hellos to Rob, have just realised its Rob, Rob! ha

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