Yes, it’s Sunday and it’s a sunny day. So what, you may well ask, am I doing sitting at a computer on such a lovely day? Well, I was just seeing if someone had sent me the directions I require… so I thought I’d stay online for a bit, download some stuff for me dad and see if the email comes through. Oh, and I know Sunday is normally my day off computers, but since I’m going without for two weeks as of Thursday, I figure I’m allowed this 😀

It’s hot here, but it’s going to be hotter in Italy – think I might sweat a lot when I’m there… IN 4 DAYS TIME! Lots to do before then, including planning it, sorting out another bunch of letters to send out, and buying stuff for the holiday.

Having two barbeques today… one at Liz’s and one at home with the young people from church.

Worked last night at someone’s 40th birthday party – it was good fun, just pouring champagne, wine and beer for 4 hours and getting paid for it… met the guy who was head sound engineer for Big Brother too… got to ask some of those questions I’d been wanting to ask about it. Like – who changed the batteries in the radio mics and how often? Sad aren’t I? Oh well.

Humm, back in at work on Tuesday, hopefully just to be told it all works fine, but probably quite a bit of fixing to do judging by how it’s gone so far. The website for it has gone live, but don’t think I’ll link to it just yet, because they haven’t publicised it yet.

Aaanyway, shoudl reply to some emails too I guess, so TTFN.

Considered starting a book entitled “Undisciplined Life”, but couldn’t motivate myself.

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  1. So… what was the answer with relation to Big Brother? Who does change the batteries and how often?

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