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Well, I just had a quick look through the other blogs I host on here, and how up to date are they? Most of them not at all!

Coming in last is Karen, with her last (and only third) entry being on 12 April, 107 days ago…. but she is in Australia, so I’ll cut her some slack I guess.

In fourth place is Liz, with her last entry (which is there 3 times and entitled “Er, Blonde Again”) dated 2 June, 56 days ago…. not fussed about reading about her life – see her lots at the mo 😀

In third we have Jim, 8 days more recent than Liz on 10 June, 48 days ago, he says he was waiting for the summer there, and I think it’s here, but he seems not to be.

Then in the runner’s up spot is Ol earlier this month on 7 July, only 21 days ago, and I think he’s still struggling with the house he mentions in that last entry.

In first place is the lifeless Grant, not that he’s dead… he just has no life other than writing the diary and talking to school kids from what I can see. His is dated only 2 days ago, 26 July.

Well done GRANT – you win the most up-to-date blog prize of… having a free blog for another year.

As for me, well mine, of course, is the best AND most up-to-date, but you’d think me biased if I put myself in the rankings…

If you want to enter for the next rankings, email me and get a blog here for starters, then use it.

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  1. I would update my diary but I can’t remember how to get in! PLease tell me how, oh wise one!

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