Well, I worked a lot more last week than expected! I eventually did a little over 50 hours on the database, half at uni, half in the office. It was well over what I’d predicted, but a) I’m an optimist when it comes to deadlines b) they changed things around a few times. And then to top it off, just as I thought I was finishing it off on Tuesday morning… they realised they had messed up what information they wanted it to print out. Oh well, a couple more days there probably. Imagine if I’d been going to China… how annoying would this all have been? It’s almost as if there’s an underlying plan here.

On the topic of China, I am looking to go to Italy with some (now not so) cheap flights from Ryanair and I need some Travelling partners. At the moment Ol and Liz are both interested and maybe Grant, but I think he’d freak Ol and Liz out or vice versa, but we’ll see. Any more interesting… I mean interestED people – please contact me.

Now I just need to get down and finish off the last few of my Navs letters and then catch up with a few people about them. Hmm, only going to be 2 weeks later than originally planned. I annoy myself sometimes. Will I always be so pants with deadlines and self-motivation? I hope not, cos that would really frustrate me. To de-frustrate me, if you got one of my letters – please email me the reply 😀

Monday & Tuesday mornings I was in the office.

Monday lunch I had lunch with Katie (of the Lattimer breed) and Jadie (of the Stiven brand), because Katie has now gone to Thailand for, like, forever (well, 5 weeks), so I could say goodbye to her.

Tuesday I went and picked up Jim in the arvo from the station. We went for a walk in Knole Park briefly and later Ol, Karen, Simon H, and I think Liz (hehe) came round to have a Chinese which I bought from Sainsbury’s, forgetting we only had the small oven working. I managed to cram it all in though – through pure skill and judgement – no flukes here.

Weds as I said we (now KT and Rob had arrived) went for a BBQ and tennis at Simon’s. Then we had a meal at “Spice Club” in Sevenoaks, which was very nice, if a little expensive once you’d got everything.

Thurs I went shopping to Bluewater with KT, which was tiring after not much sleep. But I got a pair of half-price Dockers, so I was happy.

Erm, then in the evening Ol came round for a couple of hours and we fiddled with more wireless networking stuff and showed off our new shiny OSs.

Oh well, best go – expensive time on phone line! Thanks mum & dad!

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  1. Did you learn to be that stupid, or were you born like that?

    Singular: tomato
    Plural: tomatoes

    Look it up in a dictionary – you do know what one of those is don’t you?

  2. You say tomato, he says tomatoe, I’d call the whole thing off…..

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