Do you like it like this?

Well, after the shock I suffered yesterday, today was somewhat dull.
I looked around last night for cheap travel to somewhere in Europe… I quite fancy Italy. Anyone wanna come… Grant and Luke are looking like likely travel partners so far.
# We gotta get outta this place, if it’s the last thing I ever do!
# We gotta get outta this place, cos girl there’s a better life for me and you!
Aaanyway. I almost finished the database at work today and got a lot of the fiddly bits done, so only a couple of hours tomorrow to do. I was going ot do them this evening and come home late so I didn’t have to get up tomorrow. But alas, I put my car in a shop car park and it got locked in, so I had to come back with my mum and now i have to get up at 7 or some unearthly hour to go with her in the morning. At least it means I’ll have lots of time to work on the database before I go shopping with Grant in the arvo/evening.
So off to bed now… ttfn

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2 thoughts on “Do you like it like this?”

  1. Just get the sodding database finished and stop moanin’!! Gave you a sod off box to work with, all the designs, relationships and everything. What more do you want ??

    Didn’t get your email by the way. Will send you one now, so that you can reply to it and we’ll see what happens.


  2. Yes, a nice computer, but I’ve managed to crash it πŸ™‚ Something weird with file sharing, but I fixed it πŸ˜€

    Anyway, you don’t work in that office lots – you don’t know the torture it is. Especially working with that old witch in accounts! (Hi mum!)

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